Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letting Go

Last night the September Super Harvest Moon came in to her full glory. Every single one of the astrological newsletters I subscribe to (and several others that I came into contact with separately) expounded on this being the one of healing, of letting go. If there were old emotions, feelings, things that no longer served you or needed healing, now was the time.

So last night I took advantage of that. 20 years worth of journals (13 in all) have been relegated to six bricks of paper. Which will be burned this Saturday night.

Last night I dreamt that I went into my storage closet and it had been completely emptied. There was nothing in it but a couple empty storage bins. At first, I was angry and upset. Then I looked closer in one of the storage bins and saw a couple sewing needles and some thread. Potential in the emptiness.

This is me, starting over.

This is me, free from the baggage, free from the shit I've been hauling around from place to place. Free of the unwitting spells I cast on paper that kept me trapped in the past, in false stories, in wishes that never came true.

This is me, free.

Tabula rasa
Tabula rasa
Tabula rasa

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