Saturday, August 16, 2014


It's been that kind of a week. You blink and it's gone. Actually, it's been that kind of a couple weeks. For which I am immensely grateful. Because my bank account has finally stopped looking at me like:

I am definitely going to need a few more weeks before the low-grade worry which I'm doing my best to not do goes away, but I am not feeling quite so desperate as I was last month. Which is a huge relief.

This week I spent money I didn't really have on something I really did need - a massage/energy work. I could have worked a trade, but sometimes not owing anyone anything is part of the treatment. If you get my meaning. I needed this. Badly. I needed work without strings attached. The body work was definitely needed but the energy work moreso, I think. I felt soooooooo good afterward. Actually, two days out and I'm still feeling pretty damned good. More chill. I like chill.

A couple things came to my friend while she was clearing my energy: that I need to have faith and trust in the Universe (me, trust issues? NAH) and that I need to let go of the self-judgement (me? Judge myself too harshly? Double NAH).

So things to work on.

Even though today is Saturday, it is my Friday. Luckily it is a slower work day and I have some nice plans to look forward to this weekend (dancing in the park and an out-of-town friend visiting). Mostly though, I am looking forward to sleeping in and lounging in my PJ's.

Because, *bliss*.

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