I Have Nothing of Note to Post, so You're Getting Pictures

I am not a morning person, and anyone who's been around me before 10am when I haven't had coffee will attest to this. However, I had to drop my car off to get inspected this morning so I was up in time to catch my wee little valley town unveiling itself to the day. It is a rare treat for me to see this, and I never get sick of the views.

Also, last night I went to the fair with a friend. We both agreed that it seemed to be getting smaller. They also moved everything around on us so we couldn't find anything. How dare they reorganize! Harumph grumble grumble.

Because what you want to eat at a fair in a landlocked state is seafood.

The ubiquitous giant-pumpkin-wearing-a-hat picture.

Sunset on the midway

Now *this* is an apron I can get behind. Yee. HAH.


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