Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Getaway: Boston

This past weekend, my friend Echo and I took a quickie trip down to Boston to see Cirque de Soleil's AmaLuna. It was pretty awesome. I highly recommend catching a show if you can. Lots of fun, fast-paced and expertly executed. Doooo eeet.

Back home now, sunburned, sporting a blister due to a long walk in inappropriate shoes and generally very content with my mini-holiday. Just what the psyche ordered!

We stayed in Nashua NH the night before. This was our view coming into Boston Sunday morning. Beautiful!

Fanuiel Hall. Because I think it's mandatory or something.

Quincy Market. Obvs.

South Market.

The Big Top. So exciting!

Echo waiting to go in.

Me also waiting to go in. Heavily cropped as I looked all bloaty and weird from the neck down.

Probably the worst stage shot ever (and this is after I played around with the levels). I only had the one picture as there were people wandering around saying "no pictures" and they were kinda fanatical about it. Party poopers.

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