Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ethics vs. Bank Account

I am a firm believer in eating organic and locally whenever possible. It's better for the internal and external environment. Eating local keeps your money in-state (and with a state this small, every dollar kept in-state makes a huge difference) and reduces the toll shipping and mass production takes on the Earth. Eating organic keeps pesticides and antibiotics and all other kinds of nasties out of my body. I try to cook a lot of my own food, because the more commercially processed your food is, the more harmful it is.

That all being said, eating organic, local, minimally processed food is expensive. And I am broke.


This is where my internal debate kicks into high gear. Do I suck up my personal food ethics and buy conventional and keep my bank account happy? Or do I wince as I go to three different hippie stores looking for the best and cheapest local meats and organic produce, telling myself spending a little more here will save me thousands in eventual health care costs while refusing to even consider what all the driving around is doing to the environment?


Due to my work schedule I'm rarely able to make farmer's markets anymore, which is a pity. But the sad fact of the matter is, in Vermont farmer's markets are just as expensive as the health food stores. There are seldom deals to be had, although the satisfaction of wandering around the gorgeous stalls piled high with super-fresh veg and buying directly from the person who picked them cannot be discounted. The initial costs of a CSA (usually due in one lump sum at the beginning of the season) is outside my already stretched-thin bank account. And the Dirty Dozen list... well, a large portion of my favorite foods are already on the list, so no money saved there.

Taken in a Florida farmer's market a couple years ago. Where there are deals to be had on friggin' MANGOS.

When you get right down to it... blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse. If you truly believe something is important, you find a way to make it happen. Right?

So if you see me wandering around the hippie section of the grocery store deep in concentration, it means I'm doing math in my head and trying to figure out which thing on my grocery list is going to be put off for a few more weeks because my ethics are loud and whiney and won't shut up until I give them what they want.

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