Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The End of an Era

Specifically, my 30's.

The clock is counting down and in just a few short days (very short days that seem to go by very quickly), I will be turning 40.


In my youth I was never able to picture myself as 20, let alone 40. On the one hand, I really feel it is no big deal. 40 isn't nearly as old as it used to be, say 40 years ago. I am still very much in my prime and frankly just getting started.

But on the other hand.... 40. I've officially reached the top of the hill. And we all know how much faster the downward roll is from here.

It means there is no doubt about it, I am officially a grown up. People learn that you're 40 and look askance at you when you haven't met their criteria of a successful middle aged person (Married? Kids? Decent paying job? Mortgage? Retirement Plan?).

I am extremely happy in my life. I'm living it on my own terms and how many among us can say that? I love my job, I love my family (if only they'd stop croaking goddam it). I can pay all of my bills (mostly) and I can greet the day with a smile knowing that I'm helping others and when I go to bed I am secure in the fact that I made some kind of difference.

But holy crap. 40.

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