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What is it About the Laundromat?

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so I did what any god-fearing 'Murican would do. I did laundry. Because nothing says "Thank You to those who Serve" like clean socks.

My method of doing laundry is this: I never sort unless I have a brand-spankin' new never washed before red item. Everything gets dumped into two washers with as little ceremony as I can muster. After it is all washed, everything gets shoved into one dryer. When everything is dry, it gets crammed - unfolded - into my laundry bag. Then I bring it home and fold it anywhere from immediately to two days later. It gets put away. Eventually.

This is apparently not the "done" thing when it comes to laundry.

Over the past few weeks, I've been watching how other people do their laundry and it is kind of fascinating to me. Whether people come in with huge loads or just one, I've noticed a trend. Instead of handful of items being shoved into the washer willy nilly, each individual item must be taken o…

I Just Realized my Last Post Was a While Ago, and Holy Frak Where is this Time Going?!

It's been fairly quiet this week in my life. Just got my head down, going to work, trying to get outside and take walks and freaking out about my performance this coming weekend.

You know, the usual stuff.

Memorial Day weekend isn't much of a holiday weekend for me. I actually picked up a shift at work today and the odds are high I'll go in a do a few massages before the day is over. So I really only have one day off... tomorrow. And I need to do my usual Monday chores so nothing really different for me here. S'okay though. As much as I may need something different to happen in my life, I'm still going to need clean clothes.

But I guess as it's Memorial Day I should do the done thing and thank those who chose to serve, because lord knows you don't want me on the front lines of anything. So thanks all for stepping up and doing what those of us back here can't do.

Meanwhile, if you need to find me, I'll be in my costume closet sobbing and wailing &quo…

Again with the Dog-Gamned Stories.

It seems like The Universe has really been testing me the last couple weeks with old stories that continue to be dredged up from the Deep Dark.

Man, I hate those stories.



This latest story to get dredged up is the tale of Why I Never Ask For Help. It is a woe-is-me tale where the world is conspiring against me. As all of these stories tend to be. Basically, it goes something like this:
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Bernadette* who learned never to ask for help because every time she did no one was available to help her, or was too busy to help her, or said they would and then bailed the last minute leaving her to do it herself. So she just started doing everything herself to save herself the hassle and hurt of constant denial. It got to the point where she only asked for help if she were in dire straits, and of course she was again shut down because that was what she expected. So eventually she stopped…

Happy Birthday to Me!

First of all:

GREEN GRASS, Y'ALL. We were all beginning to think it wasn't going to happen.

For my birthday today, I found a new hiking trail within walking distance of my place. How blessed am I that I scored this truly gorgeous Spring day for my birthday?!

The End of an Era

Specifically, my 30's.

The clock is counting down and in just a few short days (very short days that seem to go by very quickly), I will be turning 40.


In my youth I was never able to picture myself as 20, let alone 40. On the one hand, I really feel it is no big deal. 40 isn't nearly as old as it used to be, say 40 years ago. I am still very much in my prime and frankly just getting started.

But on the other hand.... 40. I've officially reached the top of the hill. And we all know how much faster the downward roll is from here.

It means there is no doubt about it, I am officially a grown up. People learn that you're 40 and look askance at you when you haven't met their criteria of a successful middle aged person (Married? Kids? Decent paying job? Mortgage? Retirement Plan?).

I am extremely happy in my life. I'm living it on my own terms and how many among us can say that? I love my job, I love my family (if only they'd stop croaking goddam it). I can…

Another Loss

I found out last night that one of my cousins died suddenly over the weekend of unknown causes. She was only 33 years old.

I remember when she was born. She was the cutest little thing, and I had no idea what to do with a baby (heck, I was only seven at the time). She was the oldest child of... honestly I forget how many but I think it was at least seven brothers and sisters, which is not common for this state. She cared deeply for each of her siblings and was like a second Momma to them all.

It is strange how this is another relative to whom I was not particularly close, but her unexpected loss was like a sucker-punch. 33 year old women in the prime of their life are not supposed to keel over and die.

I was speaking to my brother last night about this and we're both terrified about who the "3rd" is going to be. First my Uncle, now my Cousin... if you need me you can find me hiding under the bed.