I Need to Not Be Here, Now. Someplace Else Will Do Nicely, Thanks.

Spring is finally starting to happen in Vermont.


I'd take a picture, but it's the ugly, half-melted, brown grass and mud part of Spring. But the over all point is there is a ground underneath all that quickly melting white stuff.


Hey look, I think I spelled that right. On the first try.


I have taken some time off the last full week of April. I have no plans to go anywhere because I can't afford to. Paris will just have to wait. My current idea is to finagle a stay-at-home spa retreat for myself. I have 4 classes left on my yoga class pass, so I plan on making very good use of that. I'm also going to see if finances will allow for some body/energy work sessions. I am in desperate need of work on my shoulder. If things don't slow down soon and give it time to heal, I could do some serious damage to it. Which does not fall under the category of "fun times." I'm also hoping I'll be able to spend large amounts of that week outside. I've been cooped up in the apartment for months now and I WANT OUT.

Last year when I took my staycation (August? November? So long ago) it was a crappy one, filled with dental appointments and car issues. So this time around, I'm going to try and get everything accomplished before then so I can actually sit back and enjoy.

I think my first official act to start my vacation will be to sleep for 24 hours straight. Ahhhhhh.


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