Oh yeah right. I like yoga. I forgot.

After intending on getting to a yoga class every day for the last three, today I got to one. FINALLY. I think the last non-teaching yoga class I attended was a solid month ago, and the last one I attended at my favored yoga studio was in December or January.


It's a good thing I'm letting go of my judging habit or else I'd say "who are you to call yourself a yoga teacher?"

Ha ha.

It felt so good, you guys. After leaving I was all "and I'll take a yoga class tomorrow between the two private sessions I'm teaching and I'll take one bright and early Saturday morning and I'll take another one on Sunday..."

Which is obviously not going to happen because I'm going out to see my brother's band play immediately after my second private session tomorrow and there's pretty much no way I'll be getting up Saturday morning for anything. Tomorrow I'm still hopeful about, although three sessions of yoga in one day might be a bit much.

I was never particularly good at pacing myself.

So I need to set an intention for myself. Find a way to make it to at least one yoga class a week. For my own sanity, for my own self-care, for my own Self. I can find a way. I can find the time. I can find the money.


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