Thursday, April 3, 2014


I was a little late getting around to cooking for the week this week. Mainly, I did it on Wednesday. Meh, I got there eventually. I ended up making just one of the three recipes I originally planned to make out of the Zen Monastery Cookbook. Instead of the minestrone and sweet potato biscuits I ended up making a blended root-vegetable soup:

Just a few tiny beet bits and it goes from a pretty orange to RED.

I didn't have a recipe for this. I basically started out with some onions and garlic, cut up the sweet potato originally intended for the biscuits and put them on to boil until mushy in some vegetable broth. Then I added some leftover root veggies I had in the freezer from a couple weeks ago. Blended it all in with with some Mexican-y spices and voila! I kinda wish I had some sour cream to stir in as I think it'd be the extra little thing to make it, but it's still surprisingly yummy. Considering the beets. If I ever get around to it, I'm going to make some couscous to go with it.

The recipe I did end up making from the cookbook was the manicotti recipe. I used the leftover chunky sauce from last week, but the rest was made Wednesday:
This manicotti picture looks exactly like the enchilada casserole picture. Italian enchiladas?

It's quite good. I mean, it pretty much tastes like every other manicotti recipe I've ever eaten, but it's yummy and filling and makes me happy when I smell it as it's heating up. So there you are.

Noms for the week. :-)


MarieGray said...

That is one giant pan of Manicotti! Wont' you get tired of it?

Jade said...

Marie, it's gone now. I froze one portion of it but ate the rest. And yeah by that last serving I was glad to see the end of it! LOL. Got me through the better part of a week and a half though, so no complaints on the saving of $$.

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