Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Follow Your Spirit

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted a list of possible class ideas I have for teaching in the coming months. I listed four possibilities:

  1. Yoga for the Pretzel Disinclined
  2. Yoga for Newbies
  3. Geek Yoga
  4. Catharsis: Integrating Body, Mind and Soul through Dance Meditation
The first two are actually pretty similar, and I believe I've talked about Geek Yoga here before. Catharsis, however is a new one. I came up with it yesterday on my drive in to work. Because what else am I going to think about? Certainly not driving...

Anyway, I got a lot of great feedback, but the best had to come from my friend Cheryl (Hi, Cheryl!). She said: "What makes your heart flutter most? Do that."

What's making my heart flutter most is #4 and #2. But really #4. There are many classes out there right now that do something similar, and I'm certified in none of them. Yet. But I truly believe that I can come up with a class that would be enjoyable and worthwhile. The idea of it excites and terrifies me, so I must be on the right path.

I need to do a little more research, a little more planning, and come up with a practice session with a couple friends whom I trust and would give me beneficial feedback. But this feels good. Real good.

Holy crap.

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