Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zen and the Art of Making Dinner

I am still on my project of cooking my way through the Zen Monastery Cookbook (hey look! you can still buy it on Amazon. Although don't pay $37 for it. It was like $14 when I bought it.) I ended up not cooking anything last week because the weekend got beyond me. This week, I only had one day off for my "weekend" but I managed to carve out the time to make yummy food. Here's what I made, again as documented in over-exposed, poorly-constructed food porn.

I don't know whether or not to be nervous that the soup is the same color as my kitchen table.

For lunch this week, I made Cream of Spinach soup. The main ingredients are - surprise - spinach and potatoes. It called for adding 1 1/2 cups of warm milk to it, but once I blended it I thought the potatoes did a wonderful job of thickening it up and didn't bother to add it. I did, however, add a less than 1/4c leftover sour cream. Mainly because I needed to use it up. Delicious!

Next I made the Meatballs. Which, because this is a buddhist cookbook, are made of tofu, grains, and walnuts. They are very good, although by the time I got around to making these my brain got a little scattered and I accidently left out the garlic powder. The next time around, I will definitely add it as I think that's exactly what these bad boys are missing. The recipe said it made 25, but I got 16 or so.

The recipe on the next page was "Chunky Tomato Sauce", which fit perfectly with where I was going this week so I made that too. I made this in the crockpot as I was too busy to sit on a pot of sauce all day long (cramming two days worth of weekend into one is tough work). It is absolutely delicious and I have plenty left over for next week's cooking challenge. I think the next time I made it, I might puree the onions and peppers as the sauce is a bit chunkier than I normally prefer. But then, it's so tasty I might not! Definitely better than store bought.

Once everything was cooked, the sauce and the meatballs were combined with some penne and mozzarella to form this bad boy:


Paired with a lovely salad, I shall be eating well this week. Noms to all!

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