Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pushing Boundaries

We all have boundaries; things we come up against where we go "whoah! I'm not comfortable with this!" Sometimes they're big and sometimes other people are like "this? really? Are you kidding me?"

Like, say, for my thing about costumed characters.

There is a common saying around my woo-woo community: You know that thing you're afraid to do? Do it. I actually like this saying and try to follow it. There are things that I'm afraid to do that are standing in my way from being where I want to be. I can't explain them, but I can face them. As I'm increasingly coming to realize though, all things must be done in moderation.

All this is stemming from a conversation I had yesterday evening with a co-worker. We were discussing pediatric massage. Where I work, we don't get much call for treating children under 12, but it does happen. I mentioned that there are some therapists more comfortable with it than others and the conversation progressed from there.

I am, I freely admit, one of the therapists not entirely comfortable treating these younger clients. Where this hesitation comes from, I couldn't tell you. Perhaps a lack of training; pediatric massage was not taught at my school and I think most schools leave it for continuing education training. It's not that I am against it; quite the opposite. Everyone deserves positive, healing, compassionate touch. I've done them before, and if pushed I'd doubt I'd say no to booking a youngling. But my comfort level is not there.

All of this got me to thinking last night as I was laying in bed: maybe you should address this. Maybe you should do the thing you're afraid of doing. And then I thought: SCREW THAT. I'm pushing so many freaking boundaries right now that are so much bigger than this that I think it can wait.

The thing is... if the boundary genuinely needs pushing, it will still be there when you come back to it. Sometimes they just naturally fall away when other things shift and it becomes a non-issue. You don't have to push all of the boundaries all at once. We are all works in progress. Facing your fears can become a diversion if you aren't careful: you are so busy facing and blowing through all the smaller ones (spiders? BAM. Heights? BAM. Clowns? BAM) that the bigger, deeper ones are easier to ignore. Your Ego tricks you in to thinking you've done the work when really all you've done is teach yourself how to not run screaming at the sight of a clown. What's the fear behind the fear?

So yeah, I'm adding this to the list. It seems an easy enough one to face when the time is right. Meanwhile, there are a few other ones ahead of it in the line.

Costumed characters are last on the list, by the way.

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