Sunday, March 9, 2014

Let's Talk Food (and how I Suck at Taking Food Pictures)

People keep going on about how Spring is coming. Since I'm choosing to believe them, it's time to start eating better and take some of this winter padding off my mid-section. I've decided to go back to an old habit I lost somewhere along the way: taking a day and cooking for the week.

Back when I still had a 9-5 job, one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning was going through my cookbooks and picking something scrumptious to eat that week. I got out of the habit during massage school; I barely had time to sleep, let alone lounge over a cuppa and a cookbook. It's time to pick the habit back up. I've decided that I'm going to go all Julie and Julia and start cooking my way through this book:

It's one of my all-time favorites and I don't think it's even available anymore. I already have a ton of favorites in it. Now I'm going through and making all of the recipes I've skipped over.

Last week, I made Enchilada Casserole. Delicious! It made eight servings and I was able to freeze half:
This recipe reminded me why I hate working with corn tortillas.

I've gone all out this week and have made three different recipes. Well, when I say "make" I mean I look at the recipe, see what I have/what I don't like/what's too expensive/what can be simplified and go from there. The first is "Super Salad with Broccoli, Walnuts and Feta":

The salad called for serving it over lettuce and including red bell pepper strips, but I wasn't feeling either so I just made the salad with essentially 2/3 of the ingredients. It doesn't have a dressing, and with the feta doesn't need it. Very yummy!

The second recipe I made is "Green Velvet Soup":
I kinda wanted to rename it Dark Green Muddy Velvet Soup.

I ended up making this in the slow-cooker because the split peas needed so long to cook. But following my obsession these days with blended soups, it is surprisingly good considering the ingredients: green split peas, spinach, and zucchini. I thought it needed a wee kick so I put some green hot sauce in it. A tiny little drop for the 6 servings was all it needed.

The final recipe I made for this week is "Black Bean and Spinach Burritos":

This recipe is supposed to make 8 burritos but I, ahem, ate four of them last night for dinner. Oops. So I halved the recipe. Still, it made plenty:
Taken before I added the salsa. I used a medium salsa for a little kick.

I had some of the filling left over for a fifth rice n' filling dinner. I substituted salsa for canned diced tomatoes and I didn't add any cheese to the filling, like they suggested. I am planning on serving this with rice and avocado, with some salsa over the top.

If you ever find this cookbook (for a while I was giving it out as presents because I liked it so much), I highly recommend scooping it up. All of the recipes are vegetarian. I find that I usually need to add a little more salt than they recommend, and they tend to not use oils when cooking (I use olive oil or coconut oil), but over-all the food is delicious. You can feel good knowing that you are making wholesome, good-for-you food from minimally processed items with virtually no preservatives or nastiness.

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