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Zen and the Art of Making Dinner

I am still on my project of cooking my way through the Zen Monastery Cookbook (hey look! you can still buy it on Amazon. Although don't pay $37 for it. It was like $14 when I bought it.) I ended up not cooking anything last week because the weekend got beyond me. This week, I only had one day off for my "weekend" but I managed to carve out the time to make yummy food. Here's what I made, again as documented in over-exposed, poorly-constructed food porn.

For lunch this week, I made Cream of Spinach soup. The main ingredients are - surprise - spinach and potatoes. It called for adding 1 1/2 cups of warm milk to it, but once I blended it I thought the potatoes did a wonderful job of thickening it up and didn't bother to add it. I did, however, add a less than 1/4c leftover sour cream. Mainly because I needed to use it up. Delicious!

Next I made the Meatballs. Which, because this is a buddhist cookbook, are made of tofu, grains, and walnuts. They are very good, altho…

The Root of the Matter

I think that - finally - I am coming to the end of this Root Chakra exploration. Well, this incarnation anyway. There's always something else, isn't there?

A few weeks ago, I came to a revelation that has since helped me reframe my responses to certain situations. I have noticed a positive difference in my attitude and other people's reactions to my attitude. This is still a work in progress as I am essentially retraining basic responses I learned a very long time ago, but I am able to catch myself now before I make a negative leap. Which is huge.

As big as that revelation was, I felt like there was something else related to it but hadn't revealed itself yet. So, as I've been working on the above one, I just kind of kept myself open to figuring out what the second one was. I didn't actively pursue it; I just figured when the time was right it would come.

So it did. Yesterday afternoon at the Laundromat some time before the rinse cycle.

I was reading this book w…

Earning my Hippie Badge

A few weeks ago I ran out of hair conditioner. Which, if you are an owner of curly hair (especially naturally curly hair; especially especially long curly hair) you know that this is a BFD. No conditioner means good luck getting a comb through your hair. It means walking around in buns and hats and braids and pretty much anything to cover the extraordinary amount of frizz going on around your head.
A few days before, I had come across a recipe for homemade conditioner on Pinterest. I figured I'd get the ingredients, mainly because there were only three and two of them I needed to pick up anyway. Since everything was edible, I figured if this was a flop I'd just make a curry with the leftovers and no harm no foul. I purposely bought ingredients I'd eat because, well, if I'm going to have a lot of honey left over I'm not going to eat crappy honey. 
I've used the "conditioner" three times now, and with the exception of an unfortunate incident of over-con…

Spring in Vermont

There's nothing like 17 degrees and sub-zero wind-chill gusts to let you know that Spring is here.


Some pictures of winter storm Vulcan (ps... will you people stop naming these winter storms? You've never done it before, it's annoying now).

Moving on...

Another Oddly Appropriate Horoscope

My uncle passed away this morning. I was still asleep when I got the call so I've been dealing with the phone and IMs before my coffee has kicked in.

There is also this snow storm rolling through, which has started earlier than what they originally said. We're supposed to get a couple feet I think. I have to drive in to work today.

Death and a snow storm, oddly appropriate.

Where ever you are now Mike, I hope the pain is gone and there is peace in your heart.

Let's Talk Food (and how I Suck at Taking Food Pictures)

People keep going on about how Spring is coming. Since I'm choosing to believe them, it's time to start eating better and take some of this winter padding off my mid-section. I've decided to go back to an old habit I lost somewhere along the way: taking a day and cooking for the week.

Back when I still had a 9-5 job, one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning was going through my cookbooks and picking something scrumptious to eat that week. I got out of the habit during massage school; I barely had time to sleep, let alone lounge over a cuppa and a cookbook. It's time to pick the habit back up. I've decided that I'm going to go all Julie and Julia and start cooking my way through this book:

It's one of my all-time favorites and I don't think it's even available anymore. I already have a ton of favorites in it. Now I'm going through and making all of the recipes I've skipped over.

Last week, I made Enchilada Casserole. Delicious! It …

Pushing Boundaries

We all have boundaries; things we come up against where we go "whoah! I'm not comfortable with this!" Sometimes they're big and sometimes other people are like "this? really? Are you kidding me?"

Like, say, for my thing about costumed characters.

There is a common saying around my woo-woo community: You know that thing you're afraid to do? Do it. I actually like this saying and try to follow it. There are things that I'm afraid to do that are standing in my way from being where I want to be. I can't explain them, but I can face them. As I'm increasingly coming to realize though, all things must be done in moderation.

All this is stemming from a conversation I had yesterday evening with a co-worker. We were discussing pediatric massage. Where I work, we don't get much call for treating children under 12, but it does happen. I mentioned that there are some therapists more comfortable with it than others and the conversation progressed from…

The Cult of Positivity

I am not, by nature, a positive person. I wouldn't call myself a Negative Nellie by any stretch of the imagination, but positive? That's a stretch. I usually occupy a gray zone that goes between "caffeine induced hyper-perky" and "self-indulgent moroseness". Sarcasm and I are dear friends, and I fully believe there are some days where it is for the Greater Good of Humanity that I do not interact with other people.

All that being said, I am trying to be better at focusing on all the positives life has to offer and less on how everything seems to conspire to kick me in the ass on a regular basis. It is a daily, conscious effort on my part, and some days I do better than others.

If you go on Pinterest these days, the board is a-wash with various forms of "happiness is a choice" memes.

Buddha says choose happiness. Cute kitteh says "I iz happie." Ryan Gosling says "Hey girl, what you send out in the Universe you get back. Be positive.&q…