Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Okay, so first the literal kind of mirror. Veronica the car has a new side-view mirror, courtesy of a friend who not only ordered the part for me but installed it last night in the frigid cold. Good friend. He saved me several hundred dollars in mark-up costs alone (don't worry, I reimbursed him and paid him for his time). I would post a picture but it is freaking COLD outside and I'm just not that dedicated. Suffice it to say the mirror is the only clean spot on the car right now. I'll take care of that later.

And now for the metaphysical mirror. I work with really cool people and we get into some fascinating conversations in between clients. Yesterday I was talking with one of my coworkers and she brought up the idea of people as mirrors. The concept wasn't new to me, but it did help reconfigure some things going on for me right now.

The basic idea is this: you know that person you just don't get along with? That person who pushes every single one of your buttons? That person who challenges every idea you have/every thing you say? That person is your mirror. He/she is reflecting back your own issues. All the stuff you don't like about yourself or haven't dealt with is being reflected back to you.

I have a person in my life like this right now. She is a good person and I actually like her, but man do I get frustrated when I'm around her. Like I can't do anything right, and everything I say has to be challenged. Is this her fault that I feel this way? Absolutely not. She and I actually have a lot in common and the idea of her being a mirror makes a lot of sense. I seem to be on this journey of "bettering myself" (whatever that means) and I suppose the most direct way of dealing with your crap is having it shoved up in your grill where you can't ignore it.

Fun times.

But it does make it easier to deal with button-pressing when you can take a mental step back and say to yourself "why is this triggering me? What is this bringing up?" Of course, it also helps if you can ask those questions privately so you're not quite so tempted to smack that person and scream "LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!!!!"

... and that's another trigger you may want to explore in your free time.

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