Friday, January 24, 2014

Crazy Days

Sorry for the quiet. I've been busy busy on the go for the last week or so. Lots of Stuff happening, but whether or not it is of interest to anyone besides me is up for grabs. Lots of internal Stuff, I guess.

Been getting some clear messages from the Universe/Great Spaghetti Monster/Whoever that there is some major transitions coming along soon, and some major Releasing of Crap. Mostly from the Root Chakra, and if you're going to release crap that's the first place you'd do it. Ha ha.

The Seven Major Chakras. Start from the bottom and work your way up.  Yes, the Root Chakra is actually there. Hence the poorly constructed bathroom humor.

It seems like it's really old stuff and frankly I don't know what's what. It's just important work I need to do. So, the yama/niyama stuff has kinda been put on hold until this gets sorted. Whatever "this" is.

I have been practice teaching yoga around town with various forgiving individuals who will let me do my thing without too many expectations. It has been feeling really good. I feel like the more I do it, the more comfortable I'll feel, and I'll be at the point where I can do actual classes hopefully the second half of the year. Fingers crossed.

Work has been crazy busy and I've been doing deep tissues left and right and I've done something to my shoulder. Let me tell you, icing your shoulder when the temperature outside is a balmy 0 is not a fun way to spend a morning. But I'm hoping a little bit of icing and a little bit of babying will sort this out before anything major happens. 'Cause if my shoulder goes, I'm screwed. At least now I have health insurance...

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