Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Better Out Than In

... as Shrek would say.

Busy but fun weekend. What the heck did I do this past weekend? Saturday night I went to the International Burlesque Festival that was held locally. Four + hours of major professional talent. Plus a couple of my friends danced. I drooled over the costumes and was amazed at the dancing. Discovered something called "Boylesque" which yum. As much as I appreciate the female form in all its beauty, I'm a straight gal, let's face it. The fact that the dancer was flaming was completely beside the point; boy was hawt. And a classically trained dancer so mad skillz y'all.

Went fun shopping on Sunday. I probably shouldn't have... lord knows that money could have gone to a million other responsible things. But screw that I needed some pretties and some sparklies! I've got to say, it felt good to spend frivolously. I so seldom do it. Especially nowadays when pretty much every penny is spoken for.

Yesterday evening I went to a dance class and it was fabulous. I have so missed dance classes. It must have shook something loose energetically as well because starting about a half-hour after class weird ickiness came on. I'm pretty sure I was rocking a fever last night because can you say dreams?! Hoo-doggy. Plus I've had a headache since 2am. It comes and goes in intensity, but the dry coughing doesn't help. Also achy everywhere.

At this point, you're probably saying to yourself... dude, it's a COLD for god's sake. Which yeah, but up until the dance class I was feeling fine. No ickies, nothing. Plus I've been doing energy work on my root chakra and dancing is good for getting things balanced there and... who knows. Lord knows what I shook loose but I'm glad it's gone. All I know is that I'd rather be in bed right now but ah well. Such is life. Hopefully this will be short-lived because I have another super-busy fun weekend coming up and I DON'T want to miss it.

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