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Better Out Than In

... as Shrek would say.

Busy but fun weekend. What the heck did I do this past weekend? Saturday night I went to the International Burlesque Festival that was held locally. Four + hours of major professional talent. Plus a couple of my friends danced. I drooled over the costumes and was amazed at the dancing. Discovered something called "Boylesque" which yum. As much as I appreciate the female form in all its beauty, I'm a straight gal, let's face it. The fact that the dancer was flaming was completely beside the point; boy was hawt. And a classically trained dancer so mad skillz y'all.

Went fun shopping on Sunday. I probably shouldn't have... lord knows that money could have gone to a million other responsible things. But screw that I needed some pretties and some sparklies! I've got to say, it felt good to spend frivolously. I so seldom do it. Especially nowadays when pretty much every penny is spoken for.

Yesterday evening I went to a dance class and i…

Crazy Days

Sorry for the quiet. I've been busy busy on the go for the last week or so. Lots of Stuff happening, but whether or not it is of interest to anyone besides me is up for grabs. Lots of internal Stuff, I guess.

Been getting some clear messages from the Universe/Great Spaghetti Monster/Whoever that there is some major transitions coming along soon, and some major Releasing of Crap. Mostly from the Root Chakra, and if you're going to release crap that's the first place you'd do it. Ha ha.

It seems like it's really old stuff and frankly I don't know what's what. It's just important work I need to do. So, the yama/niyama stuff has kinda been put on hold until this gets sorted. Whatever "this" is.

I have been practice teaching yoga around town with various forgiving individuals who will let me do my thing without too many expectations. It has been feeling really good. I feel like the more I do it, the more comfortable I'll feel, and I'll be a…

Just TELL Me Already!

Every morning, I check my Yahoo horoscope. Mostly for kicks and giggles. However, it has been stuck on the same message for three days straight now:

I'm realistic enough to understand that this is a computer glitch. I'm woo-woo enough to believe it got stuck on this particular message for a reason.

I'm happy with either getting closer to someone I love or solving an old nagging problem. But for god's sake (or whoever's), could you give me a friggin' clue??

I've Been Doing This too Long

This afternoon I got a text from an unfamiliar number saying that they still wanted to meet Ann Marie. I was all like "whaaa????" So I texted back and said I didn't know an Ann Marie and who is this?

Turns out it was a guy I met off Online Dating Site and he thought he was texting another friend with the same name as mine. Oops. He was kinda embarrassed but I thought it was funny.

Then I got embarrassed because I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO HE IS. None. I can't place a face. He might be the last guy I went on a date with then said "yeah sure a second date" when I meant "yeah not so much", which you can read all about 'cause I totally blogged about it.



I've been at this game too damned long.

Self-Indulgence = Lying to Yourself?

Welcome to my ongoing trip through the world of the yamas and niyamas. I'm not posting links back to old posts at this point because I'm too lazy to go back and get them all. So I'm going to make you do the work and scroll through if you don't know what I'm talking about and want to catch up.

Last week my exercise was to notice when I was "nice" and when I was "real". I didn't notice much of a difference over the week so either I'm pretty good at being real or insanely good at deluding myself. I think it was more of a matter that I didn't really do anything that required me to choose between the two. So, moving forward I am going to keep my eyes open and hope I catch myself before I fall from real into nice. Hope springs eternal, eh?

This week's exercise is:
Spend this entire week in self-expression... Act on life-giving opportunities, despite the consequences. Observe what happens in you. Observe how others react. If you find yo…

Atha Yoganusasanam

And now, the teachings of yoga are explained.

This is the first line of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. A small book of around 196 sutras (ie, aphorisms) that expound upon ins and outs of yoga practice.
For me, it is more simply "and now, the teaching of yoga."
I have finally taken the next step to having yoga teaching added to my bodywork insurance so I will be covered. I have also put it out "there" that I am in need of some more practice teaching before I feel comfortable doing the real thing, and have made a request for warm bodies willing to be guinea pigs.
Is it facing fears? Is it simply following the path placed before me? Does it matter? I am moving, that is what matters.

I Got Nuthin'.

About a third of the way through my final massage on Tuesday evening, I ran out of "give." I had nothing left. Two straight weeks of twice the work load sucked it out of me. But of course, I had to keep going. Because you can't just stop 20 minutes into a 90 minute treatment and say "I don't know about you, but I'm done here."

And it got me to thinking... when you've got nothing left to give but you gotta keep on giving, how do you cope?

I know I am not alone in this. Every single human being on the planet comes up with this challenge. The single parent, the overstretched office worker, the yoga teacher, the clerk at the grocery store... every last one of us has been called upon to give beyond capacity.

So how do you fill yourself back up when you don't have the time or money for a three-week retreat in San Juan?

This is a genuine question; I really don't have any answers. I think a lot of us turn to unhealthy things in order to cope: food, …

Now vs. Then

Things I love about my second career as a massage therapist/yoga teacher/energy worker/all around woo-woo professional:
I am helping peopleI work half the hoursAs an eternal student, there is always more to learn about the physical/energetic bodyThe people I've met, both colleagues and clientsMy workplace is inherently relaxing, both for the clients and meI never do the same thing twice in a dayThere is always room for growth
Things I didn't know I'd miss about having a 9 to 5 job until I stopped having one: Paid vacationsNot having to stand all dayBeing able to go to the bathroom whenever you want and having an actual lunch break Paychecks that are the same amount every time you get oneEveryone is done from work at approximately the same time every evening and everyone's weekend is Saturday and Sunday, so it makes things easier to have a life outside of work.Workplace-sponsored health insuranceWorkplace-sponsored retirement fund
I am exactly where I need to be at this m…

Compassionate Truth

So, it's been a little while since I've posted anything. The two weeks containing Christmas and New Year's are super busy weeks at work, and that's essentially all I've been doing. I came home this past weekend and pretty much collapsed into a pile of goo. I could actually use one more day to recuperate, but instead I've picked up an extended shift today to cover for someone with a sick child. So y'know, not off to a great start with my New Year's goal of focusing less on work on more on my personal life. But luckily there's a whole year ahead of me.

If you've been reading (hi, all 8 of you!) you know that I've been working my way through this book:

I spent some extra time with the final Ahimsa exercise, as it seemed like something I really needed. I finally feel like I can move forward now, but I am planning on "bringing" that along for the ride. 30-muffle muffle- years of self-indoctrination do not disappear after just 3 weeks of…