Monday, December 9, 2013

Just Call Me Lucy.

I believe I've mentioned before that my kindergarten teacher once told my mom that I reminder her of Lucy from the Peanuts, because I was always telling everyone else what to do. Now, she and my mom were friends and it was not said in the spirit of meanness, and frankly we all thought it was funny. Mainly because it's true.

I am a bossy girl.

I admit it. I've known practically all of my life. I come from a long line of bossy ladies, and let me tell you when we all get together it can get interesting.

I try to mitigate it as much as possible, but I've come to learn the hard way that while I might display certain leadership abilities, I have yet to figure out how to keep my more negative bossy tendencies out of the game. Which is why I've never actually made it to management in my careers, mostly of my own choosing. I've had spectacular managers (I have one now and she is truly amazing) and I've had wretched managers; I know myself well enough to know that while I strive eternally for the former I have the tendencies of the latter. So, I don't let myself be in management.

So I find it ironic that on my Third Week of exercises in my book The Yamas and Niyamas is this:
This week, watch where you are running interference on others' lives. Are you a worrier? A fixer? Discern the difference between "help" and "support." Notice what you might be avoiding in your own life because you are so interested in others' lives.
I am so very guilty of this. And I feel guilty that I do this. I try not to, but sometimes (especially if I am stressed about other things in life) I start being picky and over-controlling of other's lives. Which is ridiculous. It is going to be an interesting week, and I look forward to maybe learning a few things about letting go.

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