Friday, December 20, 2013

Ice Storm

As in, they're calling for one in my area this weekend. There is a freak weather event this weekend where half the state will be warm (like, into the 50s) and have torrential rain. The other half of the state will be in this weird limbo where some will have rain, some snow, and some ice.

Yeah, I live in the area where they're calling for ice.

I'm kinda freaking out. A LOT. I have electric heat so when that goes out (and it's an ice storm, it will go out) I am essentially frakked. My main hope is that the power stays on tonight and the outages are relegated to a few hours Saturday night or in to Sunday.

I am woefully unprepared. I have exactly one candle and one flashlight. I have some batteries charging and some food I don't need to cook (hello PB&Js), but if the power goes out for an extended period of time, I'm looking at the possibility of frozen pipes.

The last time this area had any kind of ice storm was back in 1998, and it ravaged the area. They were cleaning up for years after that, and some forested areas haven't been the same since. You say "ice storm" to anyone who lived through it the last time and they look at you like you've just said "Voldemort". I was just out of the freeze zone last time; I don't think I'll be that lucky this time around.

I have to go in to work tomorrow. Oddly enough, it will probably be safer in the ski town than where I live. There is a lull in the weather tomorrow morning and I will go in early just to be safe. I will probably stop at a hardware store on my way in and stock up on candles etc. I will also look to see if they have any battery-operated heaters. Does that even exist?

I am considering heading to my mother's to ride out the storm. Even though she is considerably closer to the Canadian border than I am, the way the weather is going at the moment, it will actually be warmer up there than where I live, so the rain will probably stay rain.

What I should do is head down to my friend's house in the southern part of the state. Just straight rain. If it would stick to just rain or just snow, I could deal. I am seriously freaking out.

It's times like this when you seriously wish fireplaces were the main source of heat. You don't have to worry about the power going out... just having enough wood.

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