Monday, December 30, 2013

Completion? Never!

A couple weeks ago, I posted this, which was supposed to be the last one in the first month of studying the yamas and niyamas of yoga a bit more thoroughly. Theoretically, I should have moved on by now and should be well into the second month of this study course.

I'm still sticking with this first month. Partially because of the holidays... it just seemed appropriate somehow to be able to tell yourself "you are complete in this moment" when dealing with the pressures of socializing and gift giving and all the foibles and crazy emotions that can surface this time of year. But also, this just seemed like a lesson I needed to stick with a little longer.

I just keep telling myself: You are enough in this moment.

Somehow, slowly, all the other stuff is starting to fall away. Bit by bit. Sometimes the stuff comes back and I have to let it fall away again.

But that's the thing. If you keep telling yourself "I am enough in this moment" eventually you start to believe it. So much of our mental monologues are exactly the opposite:
     "You could do so much better."
     "You are so fat."
     "Do you really think they care about anything you say?"
     "What are you thinking? You are so stupid."
     "That dream is stupid. Give it up, you could never do that."
     "You're so untalented."

You get to decide what that inner monologue says. Whatever you tell yourself, you'll believe. So why not tell yourself you are enough? Because you are. You are enough. You are exactly as you are meant to be in this moment.

And so am I.

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