Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in a Few Easy Step

Preview: The Waking. This is the view from my brother's house at around 7:30am. All of the trees are still coated in ice. Shiny!

Introduction: Take a look and decide someone else can play Santa. Every Christmas haul should include windshield wiper fluid.

Step 1: Our traditional Christmas breakfast: blueberry muffins, tea ring, and biscotti. To be eaten while opening presents.

Step 1.5: Look down at the breakfast/present opening aftermath and say: who wants to clean this up?

Step 2: After breakfast is cleared out, bring out the appetizers.  Our traditional veggie platter and cheese ball, non-traditional spinach dip (it was a big hit), non traditional pesto and tomato puff pastries, and the very traditional cookies. Which are actually considered a part of every meal from Noon Christmas Eve until New Year's Day.

Step 3: The main meal. This year, it is a non-traditional yet extremely tasty brisket,  with mashed potatoes, squash, carrots, cranberry compote, "shiverin' liz", boiled onions and cider. The wine was consumed (by me at least) with the appetizers. 

Step 4: Somehow drive home, unpack everything, put on your new flannel pajamas and drink some hot lemon and honey tea in an attempt to digest steps 1-3. There is no picture for this because, let's face it you don't wanna look at that.

Merry Christmas everyone. May you find abundant happiness, health and blessings.

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