Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blessed Icy Solstice

Yeah, that storm is still rolling through. It let up for a while during the day, but the worst of it is coming through tonight and through most of tomorrow. Many places already have up to a half-inch of ice. I haven't looked too hard outside since the sun went down, but I'm sure we've some as well. I've still got electricity, but I'm sure that's going to go out at some point tonight.

I find it kind of interesting that this powerful storm is raging through tonight, and is almost sure to send a large portion of us into the dark. Tonight, the longest night of the year. The Winter Solstice. It's a time to slow down, to go inward. To finish what needs finishing and to welcome the start of something new.

How ironic that we are being told by well, every official in the states of New York and Vermont plus every local weatherman to slow down, to stay in. Mother Nature has decided that we're all going to celebrate the solstice here, whether you want to or not.

With the Christmas season having gotten so out of control, it is nice to be reminded that there is this time set aside that doesn't have to be so insane. Even if you're not a Yule person, surely an evening set aside for yourself, to complete your goals, to settle your inner universe appeals. There doesn't have to be any gifts, or a special dinner, or anything (although you certainly could if you wanted). Your Yule log could be as simple as a candle keeping the dark at bay.

And as the electricity is slowly taken out of the picture for many of us tonight, more and more candles will be lit. More and more people will slow down. The televisions won't work, anything that needs charging will slowly cease to be useful, and it will just be people, families, huddled close for warmth and comfort, being with each other and waiting for the light to come back into the world.

Blessed Be.

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