Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poetry Corner

It's been a while since I've posted my terrible, horrible, no-good poetry. Here you go! She said with an evil grin.

Most of these are several months old (at least) as I haven't had much time lately to sufficiently wallow in my emotions until a poem crapped out. But hey... yay for not wallowing!


Coming out of the Temple
and into the city
The shining, glorious city
of friends and family
those I love and who love me
past, present, future
Received with open arms
and smiles
Here, I am loved unconditionally
and those who couldn't show it before
now can, free from restraint
Somewhere, you are here
in this gleaming city
My heart shines
knowing this


I want to merge
I want to become one
entwined together
no ending, no beginning
just sinking
down, down
into each other
our molecules
The universe is us
and there is nothing else


Sit through it
Let the breath rise and fall
let the ears catch
the passing train
the tweeting bird
the passing traffic
Let the mind still
(and babble)
(and still, again)
Sit through it
through the urge
to fidgetbouncejitter
through the urge
to leap up and do
but sit through it
so, sit
just... sit


There is sadness
there is anger
There is nothing wrong with this
Pain is pain
loss is loss
You move through to the other side
And keep going
Just keep going
You'll get there
You'll get there

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