Friday, October 18, 2013

My Last Yoga Weekend Starts Today.

Tonight, I will take my written examination.

Tomorrow, I will teach a 20 minute session as my practical.

Sunday, I will be a yoga teacher.

I am not good with endings of this caliber, generally speaking. I know they must come and I accept them. It's not like something new and fabulous isn't just around the corner. But it takes me a little while to make the transition. I get a little lost in the "what now?" I get a little sad because something so big and wonderful is not there in my life anymore.

When I graduated from massage school, I wanted my friends and family to be there. I wanted to celebrate with them because it was a big deal to me. It was a big accomplishment of which I was justifiably proud.

This time around, the graduation is more subtle for me. This was a solitary, inward journey. The people who helped me the most though this journey were my fellow classmates. I know pretty much everyone else in class will have their family present during the open portion of our graduation ceremony. This is their transition, their grand accomplishment. They are proud of what they accomplished, and their friends and family supported them in their efforts. As well they should be!

I feel like, while I am "graduating" and can now be a yoga teacher, my journey is far from over. I have come a long way in the last 10 months. I am no longer a grieving, wounded soul looking to find some solace in something larger than myself. Or maybe I am. Maybe, in the end, we ALL are.

All I know is, in the end, this is just one step along a great long path and I'm not sure where it ends. I grieve for its end, and yet I look forward to the possibilities that are still out there. Waiting.

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