Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Wanna be the One... in Control

I guess I am truly a child of the 80's because you say "control" and I mentally go off on a Janet Jackson tangent.


I've been thinking a lot the past couple days about my need to control things. Okay, so I've been thinking a lot lately period, but this is one of the many other things I've been thinking about. Also on the list is my upcoming vacation, candy corn, and cheese. Oh, by the way I made it all the way to the end of day two of my cleanse before I had a run-in with the aforementioned cheese.

Wow, talk about tangents.

I'm getting a little worried that my need to be in control and to have things done "properly" is getting in the way of, well, playing nicely with others. I mean, who made me the boss? Who made my way the right way? The only way? When did I become the Puppet Master? I feel like I'm turning into Sheldon Cooper and whenever someone does something different from what I think should be done I have to tell them exactly what they're doing wrong, why, and how to do it right.

I mean, at work I have to tell myself to shut it when I see someone preparing towels for the towel warmer differently from how I do it. It's frakking damp towels! Girl, ease up a little. What is my problem?

Where is this coming from? Why am I so bossy? What am I trying to accomplish by ordering people around like this? Because I can guarantee it's a first class way to alienate people. Which I don't want to do. I mean no one likes everyone, but I don't want the reason a person dislikes me to be because I told them they can't make hot towels correctly.

So yeah, guess I need to figure out why I feel the need to boss people around. Maybe I'll blame it on being a first-born. Lord knows this habit goes back far enough. Did I tell you my kindergarten teacher once described me a Lucy from the Peanuts? Because I was always bossing people around.

Holy moly, this may be genetics. This may be beyond me.


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