Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Think Too Much

We're coming in to our slow time at work, and this year I am determined to not be caught unaware. Unlike last year when I had a major freakout. This year I've already set aside money for Christmas so I don't have to worry about going into debt for that. I am also planning a Costco run sometime in the next week or two to stock up on healthy food.

At some point in the last few days, I started examining my idea of stocking up in terms of the yamas and niyamas of yoga. Specifically aparigraha: the yama meaning "non-hoarding." Am I doing something responsible, making sure my own needs are being met? Or am I, in fact, hoarding food away because deep down I'm afraid of starving?

As a society, we are almost to a person all guilty of not following aparigraha. A capitalist society almost demands it as our economic backbone. Buy more, have more, more more more. If it's last year's model then throw it away for something newer and shinier. Watch home improvement shows and everyone is consumed with storage space... for things they don't really need and haven't actually used in lord knows how long.
Pretty, shiny, useless things for you to buy
Do we really need all the stuff we accumulate in order to live life day to day? Do I really need to upgrade my cell phone every year? My computer every two? My television every three? My car every five? Do I really need all of these clothes? All of these books? Pillows? Blankets? DVDs? Do I really need to go to Costco and buy a 6-loaf pack of bread? 24 cans of diced tomatoes? 3 pounds of tofu? A 24-pack of boca burgers? Or is this feeding into our societal psychosis?

See, I told you. I think too much.

I think difference between stocking up on foodstuffs for a financial dry spell and hoarding is that I will actually use every last item I purchase. I will use it up until its gone. Hoarding is just the opposite. It is purchasing something simply for the having of it. It is an inability to share, an unwillingness to let go.

If y'all want to come over for dinner after my Costco run, I'm more than happy to share. Just sayin'.

I guess in the end questioning of your own motives is never a bad thing, if it helps you understand yourself a little better. But holy wow would my life be a lot easier if I didn't have to worry if stocking up on almond milk constituted an ethical dilemma.

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