Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Don't Even Remember My Last Post.


Between studying for my yoga final test, freaking out about my yoga final practical, trying to fit in all of my chores and oh yeah working my butt off at work, I just haven't had time post much here.

So, uh, what's new with you?

My dear friend Marie came up this past weekend to hang out and we had so much fun. Lots of catching up, a little bit of shopping, more food than either of us really needed but whatevs, and a spur-of-the-moment mani/pedi session. Well, she got the mani/pedi, I just got a pedi. So much fun.

So instead, I leave you with some pictures that were taken over the last week or two. It's peak leaf season here, and the colors are gorgeous. Even us native Vermonters have been craning our necks and taking pictures. Because how can you not when it's this amazing?

What my commute has looked like for the past week. Seriously. I took this while driving into work yesterday morning. I was not the only Vermonter pointing and clicking while driving.

The tree outside my place of work. I took this last week.

Near my home. An old grave yard and the most stunning tree.

I love the red barn and the orange pumpkins.

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