Monday, September 16, 2013

Women of Power

This past Thursday, I went to one of my body worker friends to receive some Sound Balancing Therapy. She is taking a training on it and needed a warm body to practice on. As I'd never received this kind of work before, I was interested in experiencing it.

The session itself was fascinating and there was definitely some releasing going on (hence the 2nd cold in one month), but that's actually beside the point. My friend and I were talking about stuff and she made a passing comment along the lines of how difficult it can be for women of power to find significant others.

So first off, yes, I'm still working on getting over Ex. Almost there. Yes, I wish I'd shut up about it too.

Secondly, Women of Power. That phrase resonated with me. It made sense. A woman with a strong sense of self, someone who is confident in herself and her abilities. Someone who has done the work to get where she is (professionally, personally, whatever) and expects the same from others. She expects the same from others because she is wholly confident that they are capable of those achievements, whatever they are.

A Woman of Power need not be a Type-A business woman. I'm certainly not. Well, okay I can be a bit of a perfectionist but Type-A people tend to make me uncomfortable. But I am, for the most part, self-assured. I've worked hard in my life, professionally and spiritually, to be where I am now. I am fully capable of taking care of myself. I'm strong.

Maybe I'm too capable?


No one should compromise who they are in order to make someone else more comfortable. If they truly wanted to be in my life they would accept me for who I am, just like I should accept them for who they are. When I look back, I don't see myself asking anyone to change; at least I hope I didn't. I'd like to think that when they said "you know what I'd like to do?" I replied with "you should go for it!"

What I did expect from them was to keep promises, to treat me right, and to hold up their end of the relationship bargain. Apparently those expectations were too much for them. Which means they weren't right for me.

So onward this Woman of Power goes, looking for her Man of Power.
My Man of Power should bring monkey bread. Apparently I'm powerless against it.

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