Sunday, September 8, 2013

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I don't worry over much about my credit score. I don't check it yearly. I don't really ever think about. The only time I do is when I go in to buy a car or something (and now you know where this is coming from). I pay all my bills on time. It is a rare occasion that I've forgotten or misjudged a due date, but if I have I pay it immediately. I've paid off two car loans and a student loan. I always manage to pay off my credit card. In fact, I purposely keep my credit card limit at just $3,000 so it ensures that I will be able to pay it off.

My credit is pretty damn good.

So it was with irony that I listened when the finance manager at the car dealership told me I had "a thin file" and he had to convince a bank to work with me.

You would think that banks would line up to work with me. I'm a good bet. I don't ask for what I can't afford to pay back. And I do pay it back, in a timely manner. I am a Responsible Person... and they don't make any money off responsible people, do they? Responsible people alway pay on time so there are never any late fees. We also try to pay the loan off early, meaning the banks get gypped on interest money coming in. In fact, so many people figured out about the paying down early thing that some loans now carry a penalty fee if you do pay it off early.

I'm caught in the ol' Catch 22: banks love to see stellar credit numbers, but if you're responsible enough to have a good number they don't want to work with you, because you pay everything on time and don't ask for more than you need.

Kind of flies in the face of every last thing I was taught.

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