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Show and Tell

As I was downloading a some pictures I just took off my camera, a couple other things popped up that I had completely forgotten about but had wanted to share with you. Like, weeks ago.


So today instead of the one thing I was going to show you, you now get three random bits of my life that have nothing to do with each other.


What the Heck Am I Doing Here, Anyway?

This weekend marks my second to last yoga teacher training weekend. When we meet in October, it will be for testing and graduation.

Holy fuck this was a fast 9 months.

Today as part of the training we will be practice teaching small groups of each other and there will be an experienced yoga teacher with each group to give comments and feedback. I am freaking out, yo. I mean, I have a sequence and I've done it a few times and I like it well enough but I haven't practice taught anyone.

Because my dirty little secret is I don't know if I actually want to teach yoga.

There are people in my class already teaching. They teach anyone and everyone they can get their hands on. Parents, significant others, friends, strangers on the street... this is their calling and they are throwing themselves into it. Some are already teaching actual classes to actual clients. I couldn't be happier for them.

But the question for me is, why the hell am I doing this if I don't want to teach…

Women of Power

This past Thursday, I went to one of my body worker friends to receive some Sound Balancing Therapy. She is taking a training on it and needed a warm body to practice on. As I'd never received this kind of work before, I was interested in experiencing it.

The session itself was fascinating and there was definitely some releasing going on (hence the 2nd cold in one month), but that's actually beside the point. My friend and I were talking about stuff and she made a passing comment along the lines of how difficult it can be for women of power to find significant others.

So first off, yes, I'm still working on getting over Ex. Almost there. Yes, I wish I'd shut up about it too.

Secondly, Women of Power. That phrase resonated with me. It made sense. A woman with a strong sense of self, someone who is confident in herself and her abilities. Someone who has done the work to get where she is (professionally, personally, whatever) and expects the same from others. She expects …


Sunday was the most magical day for me. The morning was low-key and relaxing. I had scheduled a massage with my friend again and we ended up spending more time talking than massaging, but it was what both of us needed. We are both really exploring our intuitive/energetic side and I think we were both feeling kind of alone in our experiences. We spent a couple hours comparing notes and just telling each other we weren't alone.

I felt so open and happy after that... but we weren't done! We are both going through the same yoga teacher training, so we hightailed it to a yoga class we both needed as part of our training. When we got there, the place was PACKED. Several of us ended up assisting in the class instead of participating. It was a phenomenal experience.

The theme of the class was "all you need is love." And oh, how the love was flowing. The energy in that room yesterday was amazing. This was the first time I had done any hands-on assists with strangers, and it w…

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I don't worry over much about my credit score. I don't check it yearly. I don't really ever think about. The only time I do is when I go in to buy a car or something (and now you know where this is coming from). I pay all my bills on time. It is a rare occasion that I've forgotten or misjudged a due date, but if I have I pay it immediately. I've paid off two car loans and a student loan. I always manage to pay off my credit card. In fact, I purposely keep my credit card limit at just $3,000 so it ensures that I will be able to pay it off.

My credit is pretty damn good.

So it was with irony that I listened when the finance manager at the car dealership told me I had "a thin file" and he had to convince a bank to work with me.

You would think that banks would line up to work with me. I'm a good bet. I don't ask for what I can't afford to pay back. And I do pay it back, in a timely manner. I am a Responsible Person... and they don't make any …

Let's Not Go There, Shall We?

I think I've written before that one of my neighbors in my apartment building keeps trying to get me "to have a beer" with him. I keep turning him down, politely. The main reason being he's a solid 10 years younger than me.

But I realized recently that there was another reason why I kept declining his friendly advances. I actually talked with him a bit Sunday night and the more we spoke the more I thought "OMG, he's a younger version of Ex."

I SOOOOOOO do not need that.

Yeah, it might be fun to have some fun with a younger guy. But I am in too good a mood to bother with a guy with that many issues. Fun or no.

So, no thank you. Not gonna happen.

Garlique and Tomahto

Well, Garlique is no more. I pulled her out a few days ago as Tomahto was becoming very demanding and taking up the entire pot. I feared she would get choked out. This is what she amounted to:

Cute, eh? Apparently I'm lucky I got that much as garlic is supposed to winter over and be a spring crop. It was very tasty in the omelette I made a couple days later.

Tomahto is doing very well for herself.

She is loaded with fruit and I cannot wait to see how big these tomatoes get. I'm guessing they are cherry tomatoes but I won't know for certain until they start turning red.

Fair Daze

I went to the Champlain Valley Fair yesterday. Lights! Food! People watching like never before!