Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I've been struggling lately with finding a community. Well, okay if truth be told I've always struggled to find community. I tend to fit in everywhere and nowhere. My tastes and beliefs are rather eclectic, which leads me to be on the fringes of every community to which I am drawn. Too conservative to really fit in to some, too out there to really fit in to others.

Where ever I go, I meet wonderful people. So many good, generous, friendly, open people. I am blessed to know them and to have them in my life, however they show up.

But I am in need of community. I am out here on my own. I have friends I adore, but they all have communities of their own to which they are committed. And rightly so. Communities which fit them well, where they find family, support, and fun.

I am eternally on the fringes, looking in.

It gets lonely sometimes, let me tell you.

So I am putting it out there into the Universe that I am in search of a community into which I fit. I don't know how many communities are out there that would suit a pagan-leaning yogi-to-be but doesn't really do organized religion who also belly dances and does energy work but who also has decent personal boundaries and is just conservative enough to find composting toilets in your house a little off-putting.

There is probably one community on Earth that would suit me. And it's probably in Minnesota.

I am not moving to Minnesota.

Community? Community? Are you out there in that field? No? Okay, moving on...

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