Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sweet Relief of Doing Nothing

Yesterday was Sunday: my One Day Off. And I did nothing. Okay, so not entirely nothing; for some reason I woke up extremely early yesterday after a poor night's sleep. So I took advantage of it and went for a lovely walk. Then I came home and spent the rest of the day dozing and reading non-impressive books. Oh, and watched some Harry Potter on the TV.

That's it.

I briefly entertained the idea of going shopping, then I took stock of my finances and realized that while I get paid on Friday, rent and cable are due on Thursday. So, any shopping for cuteness needed to wait a week. And frankly, the idea of getting in my car and dealing with Sunday Shoppers filled me with anxiety. It was easier to take a nap.

I long ago stopped feeling guilty about taking a day to just STOP. Your body needs time to rest and do the things it needs to do to keep you in top form. Yes, sleep is its prime time to do this but it isn't the only time. There isn't a creature on this planet that goes constantly for 16 hours straight only to drop for eight hours and get up to start running again. And how many of us actually get eight hours?

The reality is that we were meant to slow down from time to time. To simply sit, let everything relax. To let things digest. To look around and see what we've been ignoring on our quest to Get Everything Done.

Everything will get done eventually, right? I could have filled my Sunday to the brink with stuff that "needed" to get done. But it's all still waiting for me today, isn't it? This morning, I woke up after a wonderful night's sleep with the sun shining in and a smile on my face. I felt good.

That alone is worth taking a day to simply doze.

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