Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fruit flies A-Go Go

I have been over-run with fruit flies. Which tends to happen when you eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies and it gets super humid.

I got rid of their home yesterday (ie, I took out the trash), but now I have a whole bunch of homeless little bits flying aimlessly around and swarming me every time I wander into the kitchen to get something to drink.

Last year (or a couple years ago, whenever) my friend Marie told me this trick about putting some ketchup in a container and covering it with plastic wrap with some holes punched in it. They can get in, but not out. I don't keep plastic wrap in the house (I think it's a huge waste) but I *do* keep bags for re-use, so I came up with this:

There is ketchup in the bottom and holes punched in it. It's already working. This way, I can just take the whole bag and throw it out when it's done its job. Then these guys can have a family reunion with the ones in the dumpster.

Meanwhile, I'll be keeping the dishes cleancleanclean and when I buy fruit and veg it's going in the fridge (no bananas for me this week). Food scraps are going into a plastic bag in the freezer.

Hell, I'd rather have it be warm and deal with fruit flies than have it be 23 degrees with two feet of snow on the ground.

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