Tuesday, June 4, 2013


As in... I need some. Desperately.

Another slow day. Finances are going quickly. Trusting that it will pick up and I will be making money again soon.

I didn't really notice this slow period last year as I was still working part-time at my other job. This year, though, it's all the one place. Which is actually pretty rare for a massage therapist. Usually MTs will work in two or three different places and/or have a personal practice on the side.

I'm seriously considering starting up a personal practice. Just to get me through. I think as long as I make under $600 on it I would be okay tax-wise. But do I really want to make under $600 if I could actually make a go of it?

Could I actually make a go of it?

Do I really want to go through the hassle of finding a place to rent, invest in all the paraphernalia that goes with a massage practice, and hang a shingle of my own?

The idea of it terrifies me beyond measure.

Which should be reason enough to do it, right? I mean, you should do the thing that you are afraid to do. I could keep it small to start... just friends and friends of friends. Cash only. Just one or two a week. It would give me grocery money at the very least.

I'm not there yet. But maybe I will be soon. Within the next couple weeks. When I'm down to eating rice three meals a day because I bought a huge bag from Costco two weeks ago and it's the only thing currently in my kitchen that's edible.

But let's keep positive, shall we? At least I'll have the rice!

This should keep me going for a while...

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