Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wherein I Go to NYC and Have a Ball

It's been like two weeks since I posted, hasn't it? But OMG I've been so busy! And for most of this past week, not here. As a slightly early birthday present to myself I went down to New York City for a few days to hang with my college buddies.

I was supposed to fly down late Monday morning and be in the City by 12:30 or so, but there was some aircraft issues and I didn't take off until 3:00. At one point they actually had to move the plane away from the gate so another plane to NYC could come in, land and take off. I thought it was all an adventure (thank you yoga for teaching me how to reframe things), but there were a lot of people getting frustrated. Some with connections managed to get on the second flight and some just said bugger it and decided not to go because at this point their plans were moot. I got to where I was going eventually, and got a $75 credit with the airline so I'm content with things.

I made it in the City in time to make it to a Peter Tork concert. In case you didn't know (I certainly didn't), he was one of the Monkees. My friend is a bit of a Monkees nut so she dragged me to the show. I will admit, I had visions of 60's kitsch running through my head, but it was a good show. The music was acoustic and the songs were nicely arranged.
I have absolutely no idea who those two guys are in the front. They were sitting at our table and somehow got into our photo. I'm sitting next to Peter Tork. It was kinda awkward because I am the only non-Monkees geek in the photo.

Tuesday was sunny and gorgeous, so my friend Tammy and I wandered up to Fort Tyron Park and The Cloisters and had lunch and a meander up there. It was absolutely beautiful.
Taken from the Cafe courtyard inside the Cloisters. Gorgeous day. Everything was in full bloom.

Tammy had some appointments later that afternoon, so I headed downtown to visit with my friend Barb, whom I hadn't seen since shortly after graduating college. We had loads of fun catching up.
We each had two of those Margaritas. And nachos. And I still managed to find my way back home.

Wednesday started out rainy and dreary, but by the time we got going the rain had let up enough to wander around Central Park.
View of Central Park... West? Pretty sure West.

So we did that for a while, stopping by Strawberry Fields along the way because you kinda have to if you're over there.
30 seconds after taking this picture we were inundated by a high school tour group. We ran for our lives.

We also went to the Central Park Zoo, which both Tammy and I had never been to before. Dawn (our companion for Wednesday) had a pass so she got me in for free and we snuck Tammy in when the guy was distracted. Shhhh. Don't tell. We arrived just in time for the feeding of the sea lions, so we got ourselves a show.
I'm a sea lion. I do tricks and get paid in fish.

After that, we wandered into FAO Schwartz because they were doing a Fraggle Rock celebrationy kind of thing. Which was cool.
Fraggle Photo Bomb!

And on Thursday I made my way back to Vermont and crashed. Only to pick myself back up again for Birthday Festivities. Which will be another blog post. Hopefully before 2 weeks are come and gone.

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