Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yesterday, the clouds cleared out and the sky was a gorgeous blue. It's been so long I'd forgotten that it was supposed to be like that!
Now that's more like it!
The water levels are going back down and while there are still some roads out in the back country, everyone is (for the most part) fine and dandy. No one will be swimming in the Lake for a while due to advisories, but it's a little chilly for that anyway. There have been frost advisories the last couple nights.

That's right... I've had to turn the heat back on, it got so cold.

Thankfully, temps will be coming back up in the next couple days so I can turn the heat off again. Actually, I just did that. Holy crap, it's after Memorial Day, the heat should not be on! We will not talk about the people who went skiing on Memorial Day because the mountains got like a foot of snow.

What a wild May it's been.

Everyone got their lawn mowers out yesterday. After four and a half days trapped inside, everyone was itching to get out and used any excuse to do so.

I'm just glad the sun is out.

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