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Yesterday, the clouds cleared out and the sky was a gorgeous blue. It's been so long I'd forgotten that it was supposed to be like that!
The water levels are going back down and while there are still some roads out in the back country, everyone is (for the most part) fine and dandy. No one will be swimming in the Lake for a while due to advisories, but it's a little chilly for that anyway. There have been frost advisories the last couple nights.

That's right... I've had to turn the heat back on, it got so cold.

Thankfully, temps will be coming back up in the next couple days so I can turn the heat off again. Actually, I just did that. Holy crap, it's after Memorial Day, the heat should not be on! We will not talk about the people who went skiing on Memorial Day because the mountains got like a foot of snow.

What a wild May it's been.

Everyone got their lawn mowers out yesterday. After four and a half days trapped inside, everyone was itching to get out and …

Glub Glub

It's been raining pretty much non-stop since 5p Thursday afternoon, when we got some torrential downpours. That lasted for a couple hours, but it hasn't really stopped since then. I don't mean, light drizzly stuff either, although we've had that. For the most part, it's been rain. The good soaking kind. Unless it's been raining for 72 hours straight and then its the "oh look that stream just crested its banks and will I even be able to use this road tomorrow?" kind.

The town I'm in now was hit by Tropical Storm Irene a couple years ago. Although it wasn't hit nearly as bad as some other towns further south, people are just now finally getting their homes back the way they were. So, I'm sure I'm not the only one watching the rising river with trepidation.

The rain is supposed to taper off today and we're supposed to have sun tomorrow. Everything is water logged and it's going to take some time to dry out. Unfortunately, we'v…

It's Working.

This past weekend was a yoga teacher training weekend for me. Ahhh. I love these weekends. I always end up floating in bliss for days.

This time we focused on the heart. Bhakti Yoga is yoga of the heart. But it's more than that. It's offering your whole self - heart, love, actions, everything - up to the Divine. We talked about the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the important texts from ancient India that support the yogic tradition. Which has led me to get my copy of the epic poem out and and re-read it. I'm highlighting every other stanza. It's a good thing.

On our first evening of the weekend, we got to talking about how many people start down the path, but not so many people stay on it. You see, once the yoga starts working, I mean really working, it gets hard. And I don't mean pretzel-pose hard. I mean, oh my god everything I thought was true is just this story I told myself so I wouldn't huddle in the corner crying.

And then you find yourself huddling in the corne…

Salty Goodness

A couple weekends ago, my friend Jen, her sister and myself went back down to the salt cave as part of our on-going birthday festivities. Which lasted close to a week. Fun!

While I was there, I took the birthday money Mom gave me and purchased a salt lamp. I should have saved it for grocery money. But pffft. That's no fun. I've been wanting one of these for over a year now and I figured why not now?

Himalayan Salt is found guess where? In the Himalayas. Although the salt is found in Poland and Iran, too. Current theory is that it's found in areas that haven't been exposed to the typical toxins normally found in the atmosphere and seas where our usual salt is found. You can read all about it here if you like. You can ingest it, or you can simply hang out in it to get the benefits. Hence the salt cave and salt lamp. The over all idea of the salt lamp is that the salt is a natural ionizer, and by heating up the salt (gently) it purifies the air. Again, which you can read …

Once Upon A Time

After writing yesterday's post, I started going through my old journals. I figured, if I'm going to get rid of them I need to do the Me that Was some justice and read through them one last time. Most of them, I haven't cracked open in years. I haven't gone near them since I wrote on the last page and filed it away for posterity.

I settled in to read the very first journal, the one I started in junior high but didn't really start using until college. I was prepared to flip through and be done with it in just 20 minutes, but I found something in there. I found something good. So I started reading it in earnest. And I found more good things.

I'm still not all the way through the first journal, but I'm thinking to myself "Self, you may have a book here."

I don't know what or how or when, but I could see it. I could see the layout of it. And then I saw a different but equally interesting layout of it. And then I saw the title:

Brain Farts

I think I …


Last night I came to the end of my latest journal. I've been keeping them on and off since junior high. Back then, they were mostly filled with "I think Corey Haim is cute" and "so-and-so is so cute, I wish he liked me". And how badly am I dating myself by saying that 1) I had a crush on Corey Haim and 2) he died a few years ago of a drug overdose? Sigh.

There are a lot of pent-up emotions in those books. Page after page of frustration, anxiety, confusion, pain and anger. There are good bits in it as well, to be sure. But for the most part, those journals were the friend I could confide in when I thought no one else cared. They were the stories I told myself, the ones where I was never good enough, that I was never brave enough, that no one would ever love me because I wasn't worth loving. You know, the stories that come from your Shadow Self, that place of deep fear and pain.

Lately, I've been asking myself if keeping these stories is doing me any good…

Wherein I Go to NYC and Have a Ball

It's been like two weeks since I posted, hasn't it? But OMG I've been so busy! And for most of this past week, not here. As a slightly early birthday present to myself I went down to New York City for a few days to hang with my college buddies.

I was supposed to fly down late Monday morning and be in the City by 12:30 or so, but there was some aircraft issues and I didn't take off until 3:00. At one point they actually had to move the plane away from the gate so another plane to NYC could come in, land and take off. I thought it was all an adventure (thank you yoga for teaching me how to reframe things), but there were a lot of people getting frustrated. Some with connections managed to get on the second flight and some just said bugger it and decided not to go because at this point their plans were moot. I got to where I was going eventually, and got a $75 credit with the airline so I'm content with things.

I made it in the City in time to make it to a Peter Tork …