Sorry for not Posting!

I just realized that it's been a while since I wrote anything.


"Quiet time" at work has officially begun this week. As in, I have yet to go into work this week. I am choosing to worry about finances next week. Right now, I'm so grateful for the time off I don't really care that I probably won't get a paycheck next week.

I'm pretty sure I'll care next week.

I did my taxes on Monday, so my paltry returns should come in just as I start getting desperate. I've got some cash I've been purposely saving for this event, so there is a Costco trip in my near future. I've also been stocking up on healthy noms like beans and lentils so I should be okay at least food-wise. And as we all know how obsessed I get with food, this is a good thing.

I also booked a plane ticket to NYC in May so I can go visit my friends. I am looking forward to this! It's my first vacation since August and it is needed. Of course, this "found" week has done me a world of good. I am feeling much better. Much - dare I say perkier - than I have in a while.

The weather is still shite. It's April 11th and the high for today is 38. Threefrakkingeight. Oy. Luckily it's only going to last for a couple days. There's a big storm coming in (it's the one that dumped on Denver the other day) and we're going to get snow/sleet/freezing rain tonight into tomorrow.

Spring? Spring? Wherefore art thou Spring? I'd like to put away my flannel pj's some time before June.


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