Tuesday, April 2, 2013


As much fun as Girl's Night In was, little did I know a three-day depression bender was on the other side of it.


It occurred to me at some point that maybe trying to let go wasn't necessarily the right thing to do. 'Cause you know how it is when you try not to think of something... suddenly everything reminds you of that one thing. The more you try not to notice, the more it grabs you by the throat and screams LOOK AT ME ALREADY!

So maybe it's time to let go of letting go. Maybe by just being - not trying to ignore it but not feeding it either - but by just being with it, eventually it will let go of me. Eventually it will just naturally stay in the past when I move forward. If I give it nothing to cling to, how can it remain?

So, maybe I'm Debbie Downer. I guess that's just who I need to be right now. I won't be her forever. As the guy said, this too shall pass. I just need to let it happen.

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