Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Have a Date.

Which I need to leave for in about twenty minutes.


I am both excited and terrified for this. I'm considering it my first real date since Ex and I broke up. Even though that is not technically true, I am pretty positive those other two dates are wishing I didn't exist. So, yeah.

As we met online, our conversations were pretty much emails, but we seemed to hit it off. Enough so that I agreed to meet, at least. It would be nice if we continued that chemistry in person. Although that doesn't alway happen. More often than not it doesn't happen. But sometimes it does and you gotta go with that.

I am a little concerned about the distance issue though. He lives a solid 2.5 hours away from me. That's a long way and when you add kids (his) into the mix that really only leaves us Sunday afternoons to meet up. Which is fine when you're still in that "do we call this dating?" phase. But I don't know how we'd ever make anything long-term work. I've done the whole "I can only see you for three hours on Sunday afternoon" thing with my Ex, and it contributed heavily to the break-up. You can't have a relationship if you never see the other person. It's really as simple as that.

... and here I am saying it won't work and I haven't even MET the guy yet. Way to set everyone up for failure. Eye roll. It's a gorgeous day with Spring finally saying "maybe I'll show up soon" and it'll be nice to spend a couple hours getting to know someone better. I hope. If not, I'll have a great story for you guys tomorrow.

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