Sunday, March 17, 2013


For the past several nights, I have been inundated with dreams about the Ex. Dreams I don't necessarily remember much of the next morning, just that he was hanging around in them WAY more than is required at this point in our Un-relationship.

Considering that I am doing my best to move forward with my life and to create a new one without him, it makes it pretty damned difficult when everywhere I look is either his first name, his car, him (I think I've seen him on a couple of occasions at this point). Now I can't even retreat into the sanctity of my dreams without him showing up.

I am trying to let go and move on, because I know it is the best thing for me. I know this. My heart on the other hands keeps whispering "but I still love him". As much as that may be true, she needs to recognize that you can still love someone and move on. In this particular instance, she can't have what she really wants. It's just not in the stars.

So Ex, do me the courtesy of staying out of my dreams. You don't get to be there any more. Thanks much, Me.

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