Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting in on the ground floor.

A few days ago I responded to a salon coordinator position in the hopes of picking up a few hours there once things slow down at my current location. I had a nice chat with one of the co-owners today, and it looks like if things work out I'd be getting in on the ground floor of a completely new salon. They're going to have an aromatherapy bar (which is very cool), organic and some vegan hair products, and the fact that I am an MT was very appealing. They don't currently have a space for such things, but as things expand, well. There are possibilities.

The salon isn't opening until April, which would be around the right time. As in, right around when I start getting desperate for funds.

I'll keep you posted, but it sounds like a great opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting with everyone and seeing what's what. I love where I am now, and I don't want to look for a second job. But my heating bill is $200 this month and I'm going to need to feed my eating habit. So, there you are.

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