Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Food and Yoga, but not Food While doing Yoga

Could you imagine trying to munch on a sandwich while doing Downdog? Messy messy!

Ever since that Whole30 thing I haven't been able to eat meat. Eggs and cheese seem okay, but anything with meat just turns me off. I made this lovely soup the other day and I had to put it in the freezer because of the chicken broth and turkey sausage in it. Just couldn't do it.

So I've been eating mostly vegetarian lately. Amy's California Burgers have never tasted so delectable to me. I am sure this will eventually wear off and I will once again find a little more balance between the two states. It is just fascinating to me how some people thrive on a meat-centric diet and other flounder on it. Not that any of us are more right than the other. It's knowing what's right for YOU that is important. We get so caught up in "eat this way, now eat that way, protein protein PROTEIN." People forget that they have to find what works for them, not what works for the people selling you the food.

It's also interesting how many people who go on the Whole30 discover food intolerances they never knew they had... dairy, gluten, corn, sugar. So many of these things end up in "foods" they should never be in, all for the sake of shelf-life and "taste". America has forgotten what real food is, and that's a shame. Our taste buds have been re-trained to the point where many of us can no longer enjoy vegetables straight from the garden, because they aren't full of sugar, salt and fat. It's a pity, and it's no wonder we're an over-weight nation.


Yeah, the yoga. I've been finding it very difficult to maintain my at-home practice, especially for the last week or two. I've been doing some thinking about that lately, because really there is no good reason for me not to unroll the mat and get my yoga on. In one of my reading assignments, there was a sentence akin to "yoga makes you look at all the things you don't want to look at." If forces you to see all the things that cause you to suffer. Because it is in facing them and letting them go that you eventually know Atman (soul, true self, the deity in you).

I think, frankly, one can only do so much confrontation of suffering in one go and I've reached my limit. Just as I manage to smooth it over to get on with my life, Yoga says "Nope! You don't smooth it over. You look at it and let it go. No smoothing over." So what do I do instead? I don't do my yoga. That'll show me.

Wait a tic...

Yeah, so that's where I am with that. We have another training weekend coming up starting Friday and I am psyched for it. This month's theme is "Movement as Meditation". I am all about that.

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