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Getting in on the ground floor.

A few days ago I responded to a salon coordinator position in the hopes of picking up a few hours there once things slow down at my current location. I had a nice chat with one of the co-owners today, and it looks like if things work out I'd be getting in on the ground floor of a completely new salon. They're going to have an aromatherapy bar (which is very cool), organic and some vegan hair products, and the fact that I am an MT was very appealing. They don't currently have a space for such things, but as things expand, well. There are possibilities.

The salon isn't opening until April, which would be around the right time. As in, right around when I start getting desperate for funds.

I'll keep you posted, but it sounds like a great opportunity and I am looking forward to meeting with everyone and seeing what's what. I love where I am now, and I don't want to look for a second job. But my heating bill is $200 this month and I'm going to need to feed my…


Today is my Sunday. Even though it's Monday. But for me it's a non-work day and that's what matters. The last two weeks were 12 days straight of work. Which is good for my pay checks but boy did it wipe me out. So, I am very thankful for yesterday and today having nothing going on. I've been able to just chill out at home and putter. The car hasn't moved in two days and frankly I'm grateful for the break.

I spent this morning sending out resumes to a few places. I got word this past Saturday that starting the second week in March or so we'll be going back to our pre-ski schedule. Which means I'm down to four days a week and can expect a much slower booking rate.

Which means PANIC.

So, I'm hoping to pick up some part time work somewhere. Actually, I WILL pick up some part time work. Somewhere. Let's send out positive energy, right?

I was going to walk down to the post office this afternoon, but it's snowing out and it would require me putting…

It's Official.

The travel bug has bitten me, and I've got the itch. Big time.

I'm dreaming of Ireland. Those green rolling hills and the ancient history and magic that dwells within those old stones... the pubs warm and smoky and filled with music of a rainy night... handsome Irish rogues with lilting Irish brogues...

... maybe I should stop reading so much Nora Roberts.


Time to start saving my pennies!


1. Downton Abbey Season 3 finale last night. W. T. F?!?!?!?! That's all I'm going to say on the matter lest I give any more away to those who haven't seen in yet. But holy moly I think this is the first time millions of people joined together to yell at the screen... and it was tuned to PBS.

2. Still eating veg and am very happy with it. After so long eating that way, it's kinda like coming home. It's comfort food to me. At this point in my life, however, I've learned that I do best if I avoid descriptive labels when it comes to food. I get too caught up when it comes to the rules of eating a certain way. So I am still trying to stick to healthy, whole foods. Local if possible, organic if possible, giving myself a break when neither is. One can always do better, but then one can always do worse. If you keep yourself pointed in the right direction and keep putting one foot in front of the other, slowly but surely one does better by default. Just don't trip o…

Mo Money Mo Problems

Yeah... I don't know what that is.

Historically, money has never really stressed me out. I've always managed to live within my means, even if it meant a very simple, humble life. I was okay with it. I knew nothing else so it was a non-issue.

But up until now, even my tiny paychecks were consistent. I knew what I was going to make on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. That's all gone out the window. This is really the first time where I've had to struggle with a paycheck that could be fantastic one week and pitiful the next. At my last place of work, even though I was doing massage, it was busy enough so the paychecks were fairly consistent. Not here.

I am extremely worried about what will happen come spring. It is the norm in this profession to work at two or three different places. I struggle with this, as I come from a business background where you work at just one place, full-time. That is what I personally prefer to do, but I am learning that is not what my pocketbook pr…

Yoga Teacher Training Month 2

This past weekend was our second yoga teacher training weekend. We ended up canceling the Friday evening class because we were all wimps about driving in through the storm. Yeah, we got nothing compared to the rest of New England, but it was still nasty enough that most of us didn't want to risk it. So we'll be making up those lost two hours over the course of the next several classes.

I think I've said before that these weekends are like retreats for me. Retreats that are easy to get to and I can sleep in my own bed every night. It is so wonderful being in a room full of like-minded people. With everyone sharing the same goal: immersing ourselves in Yoga so that we might share it with others. It's pretty nifty.

We got into Yoga Philosophy a bit yesterday. Part of the practice of yoga is yamas  and niyamas. Yamas are things you should not do to others, niyamas are things you should do for yourself. An example of a yama is not stealing, an example of niyama is connectin…

Food and Yoga, but not Food While doing Yoga

Could you imagine trying to munch on a sandwich while doing Downdog? Messy messy!

Ever since that Whole30 thing I haven't been able to eat meat. Eggs and cheese seem okay, but anything with meat just turns me off. I made this lovely soup the other day and I had to put it in the freezer because of the chicken broth and turkey sausage in it. Just couldn't do it.

So I've been eating mostly vegetarian lately. Amy's California Burgers have never tasted so delectable to me. I am sure this will eventually wear off and I will once again find a little more balance between the two states. It is just fascinating to me how some people thrive on a meat-centric diet and other flounder on it. Not that any of us are more right than the other. It's knowing what's right for YOU that is important. We get so caught up in "eat this way, now eat that way, protein protein PROTEIN." People forget that they have to find what works for them, not what works for the people selli…

Girl's Night Out

Had a fabulous time this past Saturday night with myself and four of my closest belly dance buddies. Dinner and 80's night dancing.

SOOOOO needed.


Yeah... not making it to Whole30. I'm okay with it.

It was driving me nuts. I didn't want to eat. Period. Which is just as bad as wanting to eat the not-so-good for you stuff. So last night I had some rice with dinner, and this morning I'm going to have some yogurt for breakfast.

I am trying to keep my portions reasonable (using the small plate), and I'm going to keep eating three meals a day. I want to try to include healthy fats and fruit/veg at every meal. I mean, I lost seven pounds in 11 days! WTF??? I'd like to lose another five, truth be told, but I don't know if it's possible.

This has taught me that I need far less food than I think I do, and I'm real good at making excuses for myself.

The upside is, I have a Girl's Night Out tomorrow with some of my belly dance gaias, and I will actually be able to enjoy myself!