Whole30 Day 11

I hate all the vegetables.

Those poor, innocent, lovely vegetables.

I hate them all.

So.... obviously I'm struggling a little bit with the limitations of this diet. Also, I'm nearly out of fruit. Gah! So I need to go to the store. Because for me fruit seems to be the key here. Which is not entirely kosher but OMFG I so did not get fat eating strawberries. Just sayin'.

I am on the fence as to whether or not I will finish the 30 days. On the one hand, I want to. If only to see what additional changes may come in the nineteen remaining days. On the other hand, I have never wanted a cup of greek yogurt so badly in my life.

Last night, I dreamt of Larabars.

Yeah, that's right. I dreamt about raw-food sweet vegan yumminess. While they are made entirely of Whole30 compliant food, they are not recommended as they can trigger candy-bar desires with many people. Even me apparently, who can't remember the last time she bought a candy bar.

Also, I am getting a little concerned that the cleanse might be triggering some of my food rule/control issues.

... now you are all probably yelling at the computer "YOU THINK?!?!?!"

I am very proud of myself for eating this way for eleven days. Whether there are nineteen more days in this experiment remains to be seen.


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