Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Whole30 Challenge: Day 2

Yesterday was my first day of the challenge and it went quite well, if I do say so myself. I will probably never get used to the coconut milk in the coffee. Word of warning: I am cheating with my coffee. After much hemming and hawing, I have decided to put a scant teaspoon of raw honey in it because 1) the world is crazy enough; it doesn't need to deal with me with no coffee and 2) you bet your sweet boopy if Mr. Caveman found a honeycomb he was all up on that shite.

Just sayin'.

Aside from that, I'm following the diet to the letter. Well, maybe a little more fruit than they'd like, but they are regulation fruit and I'm sure my usage will go down as time progresses. I'm also eating a few more nuts than they prefer, I think. But again, regulation and will probably lessen with time. This is what I ate yesterday:

B: 2 cups coffee with coconut milk, "paleo" cereal (slivered almonds, coconut flakes and slivered pecans), with some strawberries and coconut milk

L: Organic roasted chicken, avocado and onion wrapped in cabbage leaves, carrot and cucumber sticks, banana

D: Local beef burger, sweet potato fries (baked), and steamed broccoli. With homemade aoli.

S: closed palmful of pecans, 1/2 a banana

The snack was an evening one, I was feeling hungry so I had a nibble. It was the only time yesterday I actually felt hungry. This plan is good in that it is helping me re-balance my meals. Lately I've been eating a LOT at dinner, a small lunch and virtually nothing for breakfast. Which I don't think is helping me much.

One nice thing about this is there is a Whole30 mayonnaise recipe about, which you can use as your fat (which is included at each meal). So I made some yesterday.
I also wore some yesterday.

I am not generally one for mayonnaise, but I foresee using this as a base for salad dressings as well, and quite possibly as a vegetable dip at some point. This one batch will last me the entire month and will probably go bad before I can use it all.

Right now I am waiting for the point where I OD on vegetables and have a mad bread craving. Shudder. That ain't going to be pretty, people.

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