Friday, January 18, 2013

Countdown to Whole30

I'm starting this program on Monday, just two days away. And I'm going grocery shopping today. Because I get PAID today. Grocery shopping lately has been a stressor for me. As much as I love doing it, the money just isn't there these days. So I eat my anxiety and have to go buy more food with money that isn't there.

Ah, vicious circle indeed.

As much as I'm hoping this will lessen my need for ALL THINGS BREAD, I'm also hoping this will help reset a few buttons. Mainly the MUST STUFF FACE button. In fact, if that button could be uninstalled I'd appreciate it, thanks.

My main concern for the last week has been figuring out what to do with breakfast. Left to my own devices, on any given day my breakfast consists of two cups of coffee. If I'm feeling peckish I'll have a couple pieces of toast or a piece of fruit. That's it. I am just not a breakfast person, never have been. And the idea of having to consume a rather large amount of protein (read animal protein. read eggs! bacon! sausage!) fills me with dread. I can handle a breakfast on that scale once a month as a treat. But every day? Blech! I end up feeling greasy all day long. Not fun.

Apparently I'm not the only one out there who is not a big fan of "traditional" breakfast foods and I've gotten some good ideas. The best so far is a kind of paleo "cereal" made of nuts, coconut milk and fruit. I may be giving that one a try. I'm not much of a cereal-for-breakfast girl but the nuts make it much more filling in a way that cereal has never been for me. Oh, if you don't know what "paleo" is, click here.

As an aside, I was thinking last night what a First World Problem dieting is. We're so concerned about the "healthiest" way to eat. We have the Paleo Diet, Atkins, Low-Carb, Vegan, Mediterranean, etc etc. You know what most of the world thinks about food? Oh hey, I found some. I should probably eat it before someone steals it because it may be a long time before I eat again.


And now, I need to go buy one last bagel before my 30 breadless days begin.

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