Monday, December 10, 2012

We Got the Spirit, Yes We Do!

We got the Spirit, how 'bout you?

It looks really nice when the lights are out. But I can't take a picture of it because then it's just a bunch of floating colored lights in black.

I have decided that it just isn't Christmas without a tree. And since I'm hosting Christmas this year, I needed to find my ornaments and find my Christmas spirit. I knew where my ornaments were: at my mom's, where they've been since three moves ago. So up I headed to pick them up. I actually had to raid my mom's stash of garland and lights as apparently I donated mine to charity when I was packing. Who knew?

I bought the tree today. I was doing my best not to buy a tree as money is real tight these days. But I had some tip money set aside for presents, so I took $20 and went to - gasp - Wally World and bought a tree. At least I will get my money's worth out of it by reusing it. I also bought a few presents with the leftover cash. And then I bought myself lunch with my remaining $8 and felt hugely guilty about it. Which is silly because I'm fairly certain my loved ones will not begrudge me lunch.

I have to admit, the lights make it nice and cozy in here. I kinda like it.

Now... I just need to find my way to a pine-scented candle and we're golden.

The doorway between my living room (which I'm in) and my kitchen. Festive!

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